The building has three floors, on the first of which is set for office space and on the second and third is placed exposition of museum. In the center of the main hall there is a copy of the famous Muslim holy book – the Koran Osman.

Also the visitors in museum impressed by a large mural in the style of miniatures titled “The Great Timur – the great creator,” made by a group of Uzbek artists in 1996. The picture reflects the life of Amir Temur from his birth to his death. It shows a shooting star, symbolizing the translation of his name “Amir Temur” as “born under a lucky star.” Also in this part there are located such the symbols as the sacred bird of Humo which embodies happiness and freedom, falcon bird, symbolizing the birth of the baby and its high ups.

In the second part of the mural there is a creative work of the great ruler, majestic buildings: Ak-Saray Palace in Shakhrisyabs and Bibi Khanum in Samarkand. And third, the final part of a panel – is the last stage in the life of Amir Temur, his tomb – the Gur-Emir. Overall, the picture is accompanied by a running creek with direction that combines all three of the panels. The aspiring river embodies the rhythm and flow of the great Amir Temur.

Since its inception, the museum has become a center of scientific thought and education. The exhibits of the museum are of great historical value. There are jewelry products, arms, clothing commanders and ordinary soldiers, musical instruments, astronomical instruments of Ulugbek and many other cultural treasures dating back to the Timurid era.

In the museum there are also archaeological, ethnographic and numismatic materials, ornaments, objects dropped in the state of Amir Timur through the Great Silk Road. Here you can see with your own eyes these valuable historical documents, such as correspondence of Amir Temur and his descendants with European monarchs, skilled miniature copies of paintings of Amir Timur, written by European artists of the time. The originals of these paintings are now in the National Library of France.

The favored professionally exhibition of the museum captures the spirit of Timurid era, a wealth of information about the state, society and culture of the middle Ages. The exhibits are organized into themes: “The culture and history of writing in Uzbekistan”, “fortified town SHOXRUX”, “Our heritage abroad”, “Amir Temur Clavijo-Samarkand”, “Scenes from the life of Amir Temur”, “Amir Temur – Eyes of Artists “,” The era of Amir Temur in terms of academics and writers.”

In the museum, there are over three thousand artifacts that reflect the history and culture of Uzbekistan, including the epoch of Amir Temur, which is divided into collections of archeology, architectural decoration, archaeological metal, stone, glass, ethnography, arms, manuscripts and miniatures. For example, items are weapons: chain mail, helmets, maces, axes, different arrowheads and more.

Among the exhibits of metal can be distinguished bronze jug with epigraphy period of Amir Temur. Gold, silver and bronze ware, household items, jewelry, ceramics are another confirmation of the fact that Amir Temur was not only a great statesman, but also a patron of science, arts and crafts, spirituality and enlightenment. There are very valuable silver and copper coins, which is the emblem of Amir Temur and struck the names of the representatives of Timurid dynasty.

Auxiliary fund consists of more than 2,000 items. These are books, booklets, various gifts, catalogs, souvenirs, items of Gur-Emir, models of architectural monuments, namely, such as the Bibi Khanum, Ak-Saray Palace, the Gur-e Amir, Ulugbek and more. A special place in the museum holds items associated with the development of science, culture and the establishment of diplomatic relations. It is medieval manuscripts, photocopies of letters, treatises, published about Amir Temur and his era as the layout of the celestial globe of Ulugbek.

For 14 years, the museum has become one of the most popular and attractive places to visit people.

In 2006, the museum celebrated its 10th anniversary, in its honor has been opened a new exhibition – “10 years of the State Museum of History of Timurids.” According to the administration of the museum, in ten years it took about thirty exhibitions on various topics, and unique museum exhibits were shown at international exhibitions which has held in France, USA, Germany, and Austria. Since the establishment of the museum was visited by over 1.5 million people and 400 official delegations.

Every year the exposition is updated with new interesting exhibits testifying to the multifaceted personality of Amir Temur and the rich heritage of the Timurids representing a genuine interest to scientists around the world.

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