Of a man one can judge on his clothing where he is from, how old he is, what class he or she belongs to. Uzbek national costume can tell a lot about its owner. So, for example, experts are able to read the entire message, ciphered in the florid patterns of various embroideries.

Each curl, ornament or pattern bears in itself semantic meaning. As a legend say in the distant past the skilled workers embroideresses applied on a material the whole messages which were read by separate individual elements. For example, Suzanne – embroidered decorative material – often called a song composed on the fabric.

Each part of the Uzbek national costume carries a secret of different epoch, the spirit of the time. Bright patterns equally perfectly look both on women and on men.

Today, national fabric reached a new level when they are used to create a prêt-a-porter. The clothes of a modern leg cut are designed for lovers of khan-atlas, adras, ikat and other materials but watching tendencies in the world of fashion.

Since the beginning of the 90s.of the last century, women living in the major cities of Uzbekistan abruptly abandoned the national forms of clothing and have switched  to modern suits, trousers and jeans, using the atlas in clothes only on big occasions. Today, however, to see young people in fashionable contemporary dresses made of national cloths has become the norm. Girls, boys, the older generation gladly returned vivid national fabric to the everyday wardrobe.

In this regard, young designers have turned eyes towards the local materials, skillfully combined with modern trends and traditions.

Tourists visiting Uzbekistan, with particular zeal try to get elements of the national clothing for themselves. Skullcaps, chapans (national robes), ethno – bags enjoy popularity.

But today the choice is very large, the main thing to know where to go after him.

The well-known Uzbek Apparel boutique offers a wide range of products, here there are fashionable dresses … and outerwear … and footwear…and hats …and accessories with bags.

Shop ‘”Ah Human Wear””sells unique designer clothes from the Silk Road.

Basically in the collections of the boutique used ikat -a silk fabric of hand weaving or other natural fabrics such as cotton and wool, as well as a lot of natural fabrics embroidered in the traditional way and ornaments called “syuzane”. Machine-made fabrics used in some cases, in order to make clothes more resistant and practical.

Another boutique where you can buy fashionable clothes executed in the national style is the Fashion House LALI.

Lali Fazylova, designer, the founder of this Fashion House, likes to experiment combining national Uzbek fabrics with  Italian silk and French guipure.

Fashion House Lali is a showroom with the wide range of fabrics and collection clothes from the best manufacturers.

It is widely known that in Uzbekistan distributed karakul farming are widespread in Uzbekistan which provide the raw material for the manufacturers of coats, hats, sleeveless jacket from astrakhan fur and broadtail. from and a broadtail.
(Karakul – pelts of lambs of karakul breed when their wool is characterized by dense, elastic, silky, hair, curls forming different shapes and sizes).

But in Uzbekistan for creation of outerwear also the other types of  fur is used.

The famous designer Alexey Manshayev, the founder of the “Kanishka” brand is actively engaged in it. (Kanishka was the most famous Kushan King, who ruled at the beginning of the II century AD).

Kanishka brand specializes on fur and leather. His models differ by epatage and bold decisions. Not everyone can decide on these models, but those who get Kanishka can be confident of his identity.

Welcome to Uzbekistan!

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