Varakhsha was the residence of the rulers of Bukhara until the VII century new era. The site of ancient settlement was located 40 km north-west of Bukhara, and was the last station before the eight-day crossing through the Kyzyl Kum desert on the way from Bukhara to Khorezm.

The most important battles took place near the walls of Varakhshi. The further decline of the settlement is associated with a lack of water in local irrigation systems.

The layout of the city consisted of three parts: the Citadel – the palace of the rulers, Shahristan – the center of the city with the houses of rich citizens and the Rabad – the craft suburb of the city. The building is dated to the 5th century of our era and consists of three main halls. The walls of the halls were decorated with paintings. The museum exposition was built in 1995. The exhibition presents fragments of carved pieces from the palace of rulers (VII-IX centuries), ceramic products, jewelry (X-XI centuries)

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