Hanaka Kukildor ota was originally built in the XI century, but researchers believe that the building could be restored in the Timurid era (XV century).

The facade was a monumental entrance leading to the dome-shaped hall. On both sides of the hall, rooms richly decorated with ganch patterns were mirrored.

Kokildor was fond of science, was revered among the locals, and was famous for his righteous life. It was in his honor that the khanaka was built.

Headstones were installed in the inner hall of the khanaka, under one of which Kokildor ota rested. Later they were transferred to the Sultan Saodat complex.

An interesting legend is associated with the name Kokildor ota. In the legend, he is described as a young man of extraordinary beauty. In order to penetrate the fortress of Kirk kyz guarded by 40 girls, the young man grew long braids and under the guise of a girl managed to carry out his plan, thanks to which he received the nickname Kokildor (from the Uzbek. Subsequently, his plan was revealed, but he survived and married Princess Gulaim, the leader of the warlike girls of the Kirk Kyz fortress.


Address: Surkhandarya region, 4 km west of Old Termez

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