In this theater is 347 seats. Tickets can be purchased upon request, and right before the show. All theatrical performances aimed at children ( “Cinderella”, “Fire Blade”, “mischievous child” based on the stories of the great Uzbek G.Gulyama classic, “The Wizard of Oz” and others). The performances are in Russian, some of them played in Uzbek. Choreographed musical theater productions clear and accessible to all viewers, regardless of language or nationality. Among them are the sad story of “The Girl with the matches, “Hans Christian Andersen, “The Parable of the love bestowed” the poem by the great eastern poet Alisher Navoi “The Language of Love”, and the youth in the formulation of progressive rock style “Sodom and Gomorrah of the 21st century” – a play based on the biblical stories and made in the fight against drug addiction.

These performances, along with “The measure of an artist” by Leo Tolstoy, “Woman – the Devil” by P. Merimee, “Princess Turandot” C. Gozzi, “Constellation of Omar Khayyam” and “Eternal Dancer Sharor” T.Zulfikarov received excellent reviews in many international festivals. The theater was the initiator of the international festival of youth theater, dance and music, “Humo”. Since 1998, were held four of the festival, with the participation of teams from Austria, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan and other countries. The theater was founded in 1928 and was called the Theatre of Youth.

Several generations of people visited Tashkent hall of the theater, which is very popular not only among children but also adults. In May 1998 Tashkent Russian Youth Theatre was renamed the Youth Theatre. His plays, from children’s fairy tales to complex philosophical works, contribute to the development of culture and the development stage of the audience of different age categories.

At theater work:

People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Muhabbat Yuldasheva, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Lutfulla Sadullayev, Farhad Aminov, Hudaer Toshaulatov, Rilbar Abdulazizova, Hakim Otahanova, Shamshikamar Mansurov, Akram Islamov Yodgor Ziyamuhamedova.

Director – Faiziev Ulugbek Latifovich.

Artistic director – Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Olimjon Salim.


Tashkent. St. Kodiriy, 13

Reference points: the former House Lecturer, Tax Committee of Uzbekistan

Metro: Alisher Navoi

Tel: 244-75-97

Begin: weekdays – at 18:30, on weekends – at 17:00. Children’s performances start at 11:00.

Closed on Monday

Parking space is available.

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