He was born in 1483 in Andijan in the  family of Fergana Emir Umar Sheikh Mirza II, great-grandson of the Timurid sultan Miran Shah, the third son of Amir Temur.

Babur came to power early, at age 11, he was declared the ruler of Fergana. However, only 10 years later, in 1504, he was forced to leave their land and move to Kabul, where he created a new state.  Until 1526 he repeatedly tried to regain their land, but to no avail.  During this period, his attention gradually switched towards India, which he conquered in 1526.  It was his last war trophy. In India, he founded the empire of Babur and the Mughal, which existed 300 years.

Babur died on Dec. 26, 1530 in Agra, but his remains were transported to Kabul.

Along with the huge public affairs, Babur left a very valuable literary heritage. The main work of his life – an autobiography “Babur-name”. The book describes traditions and customs of people of that time.

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