August 2018

Melon Feast in Syrdarya

< ![CDATA[ The culture of Uzbekistan is colorful and original,  our traditions and customs, which have come down to us from the depths of the centuries, call joy and admiration. In the traditions of our people to arrange folk festivals on such joyful occasions as the appearance of the first blooming tulips, delicate snowdrops, the […]

SILK ROAD BAZAAR Festival started in Samarkand

< ![CDATA[ The festival of national handicraft and trade started in Samarkand. The long-waited opening of the festival was held on August 24, 2018.

Grape Festival in Altynsay

At the beginning of August 2018, in the Vakhshivor and Buston  makhallas of the Altynsay district in the Surkhan-Darya region, a big festival was celebrated. Bakhshi festival dedicated to ethnic poetry and song. The best akyns (ethnic songers) and songwriters gathered these days to celebrate the harvest festival of fruits and pay tribute to our […]

Uzbekistan participated at International Forum of Ancient Cities in Russia

< ![CDATA[ From 12 to 18 August 2018, the First International Forum of Ancient Cities was held in Ryazan, Russian Federation, which united the ancient cities of the world under 500.

The Uzbek aeronauts lifted the first balloon in Dushanbe

< ![CDATA[  For the first time in the history of Tajikistan on August 18, a team of Uzbek aeronauts lifted the first balloon over the Dushanbe sky.

Dance Music Fest 2018 in Tashkent

< ![CDATA[ The last days of a summer in Tashkent pass in the dance music rhythm. The Electronic Dance Music fest was held in the capital these days in August 17- 18.