Fergana Regional Museum of Local Lore

Fergana Regional Museum of Local Lore – one of the oldest in Uzbekistan.

From October 16 to November 7, 1894, the first regional agricultural and industrial exhibition was held in New Margilan (now Fergana). Part of the remaining collection of the exhibition served as the basis for the creation of the museum. By order of the governor of the Fergana region dated November 2, 1895, a committee was established to manage and further develop the museum. He allowed four rooms in the upper floor of the governor’s house to be occupied under the temporary premises of the museum. July 4, 1897 was approved by the Charter of the museum. By this time, the museum already numbered 1,200 items and books.

Over the past ten years, the museum staff independently conducted a number of expeditions. With the assistance of the museum staff, international events such as the 1200th anniversary of Ahmad al-Fergani and the 900th anniversary of Burkhaniddin al-Marginani were organized. The museum has more than 10,000 archeological exhibits, and there are works of decorative and applied art, collections of Rishtan and Gurumsapay ceramics, chasing, jewelry, embroidery.

Address: Fergana region, Fergana, st. Usmankhadzhaev 26.

Telephone: (3732) 243191, 243621, 243261