Culture and Art

Uzbekistan culture is very colorful and distinctive. It has been formed over millenniums and has taken in traditional and customs of various nations settled on the territory of today Uzbekistan. 


Elements Included in the UNESCO Representative List


Six elements from Uzbekistan have been included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Humanity of UNESCO, including Navruz, Culture and Traditions associated with Plov, Askiya, Katta Ashula, Cultural Space of Boysun and Shashmaqom.

In addition, Margilan Crafts Development Center: preserving traditional technology of atlas- and adras-making was inscribed on the  Register of Best Safeguarding Practices of UNESCO.

Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan

A significant role in the development of culture of Uzbekistan in ancient times was played by the Great Silk road, which favored not only the exchange of goods, but also the exchange of technologies, languages, ideas, religions. 

The traditions and customs of multinational Uzbekistan are reflected in music, dance, fine and decorative arts, language, cuisine and clothing. At the same time, the culture and art of each region of the country is dominated by its unique features and characteristics.