Ferghana region

Ferghana region is located in the southern part of the Ferghana valley, which for the fertility and picturesque nature is called the pearl of Central Asia. Fergana valley is called the inter-mountain basin in the upper reaches of the Sirdarya river and its sources, surrounded by the mountain systems of Pamir-Alai and Tien Shan.

The scientists learned a lot about the culture and life of Ferghana local population from ancient Chinese sources (II century BC). On its territory there are numerous monuments of the past, the ruins of ancient cities, fortresses, castles.

Fergana is a relatively young city founded in 1876. There are no typical for most tourist cities of Uzbekistan historical monuments of architecture, and the main attractions are extremely beautiful landscapes. Fergana can rightly be called the greenest city of the Republic, because all the streets are decorated with ancient trees planted during the founding of the city.

In the cities of Rishtan, Margilan and Kuva, located near Fergana, as well as in Kokand and Andijan, which are part of the Fergana valley, preserved a large number of monuments of ancient architecture.
For example, Margilan is called the city of silk manufactory, Kokand is the city of Khan’s palaces, and Rishtan is famous for its ceramics.

In the ancient city of Kokand, tourists attracts the architectural ensemble Dahmai-Shohon, Khudoyar-Khan’s Palace, Juma-mosque cathedral, madrassahs of Norbutabey, Dasturkanchi, Aminbek, and Medresei-mir, mausoleums of Modari Khan, Dakhma-I-Jakhon, Mukimi and antique craft shops. In Fergana, you can visit an ancient military fortress. In Margilan – Turan mosque, Khanaka mosque, Said Ahmad Haji madrassah, “Yodgorlik” silk factory, where the old traditions of silk weaving are still preserved. In Andijan, the birthplace of the famous medieval poet, author of the epic “Babur-name” Zahiriddin Babur, you can visit the memorial park named in his honor, Juma mosque and Juma madrassah.

The capital of the region – the city of Fergana
Total area – 6 800 km2
Population – 3 564 800 people
Major cities: Fergana, Kokand, Margilan, Kuvasai, Kuva, Rishtan

Yodgorlik Factory

Many centuries ago, Ferghana masters invented a unique technology for extracting threads from a cocoon and dyeing fibers. In terms of quality and beauty, Margilan silk was compared to Chinese. It was from here that numerous caravans with fabrics were sent along the Great Silk Road to distant countries. Margilan Yodgorlik Factory was opened in […]
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Fergana Museum of Local history

Fergana Museum of Local history – one of the oldest in Uzbekistan. From October 16 to November 7, 1894, the first regional agricultural and industrial exhibition was held in New Margilan (now Fergana). Part of the remaining collection of the exhibition served as the basis for the creation of the museum. By order of the […]
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Citadel of Khudayar Khan in Kokand

It is known that each of the khanates of Turan had its majestic citadel. One of these architectural monuments is the citadel (urda) of the last Kokand Khan Khudayar Khan. In the epoch of the Kokand Khanate (1709-1876), several citadels were erected. But for various reasons they were destroyed, a small part of the Khudayar […]
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Dakhma-yi Shahan

Dakhma-yi Shahan (the tomb of the kings) – the burial place (Khazira – fenced yard) Narbutabiya (died in 1799) and his descendants. Built in the 20s of the XIX century. According to a prominent Kokand poet Uzlat, after the death of the Kokand Khan Amir Umar-Khan, by order of his spouse Makhlar-Ayim (Nodira), the territory […]
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The International festival of folk arts and crafts opened in Kokand (photo report)

On September 14, the opening ceremony of the I International festival of folk arts and crafts was held on the square of the Palace of Khudoyar Khan in Kokand. The event was opened by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev. In his welcoming speech, the head of Uzbekistan noted that in modern times,...
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September, 13 in the framework of the International festival of folk-applied art in Kokand city, the head of the World Crafts Council Asia Pacific Dr.Ghada Hijjawi-Qaddumi presented to the Governor of Kokand Maruf Usmanov certificate of appointment of Kokand world city of artisans. The event dedicated to this significant event was also attended by Deputy...
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