Health and Safety

Pharmacy and Medicine

In Uzbekistan the medicines and medical products market is developed at a high level. During the trip to Uzbekistan, in any pharmacy you can buy almost all drugs, both with the appointment of a doctor, and without it, except for tranquilizers, drugs and psychotropic substances. Pharmacy staff — highly trained professionals who can advise analogues...
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Police and Tourism

Police In Uzbekistan, without any risk, you can travel both in big cities and in rural areas. In 2018, Uzbekistan became one of the five safest countries in the world according to the American Gallup Institute. If you follow the basic precautions, travel to Uzbekistan will be safe and comfortable. If you still need help...
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Emergency Phone Numbers

If you need an emergency help during your trip in Uzbekistan you may call the following numbers: Emergency service – 112 Fire service – 101 Healthcare emergency – 103 Emergency gas service – 104 Rescue service – 1050 Inquiry office – 109
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