Internet in Uzbekistan

Internet in Uzbekistan

In most cities of Uzbekistan, Internet access is available through Mobile Internet and public Wi-Fi points.

The speed of Mobile Internet in large cities is quite high and allows you to quickly open websites, chat in messengers or watch videos. Mobile operators provide quality of communication using 3G and 4G (LTE) technologies.

The quality of Mobile Internet is slightly lower in small towns and out of settlements, however, mobile operators regularly expand their coverage areas, as well as increase the volume and speed of Internet traffic throughout the country.

Public Wi-Fi points are available in many places in the country (hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.).

In many hotels, a free Internet connection is included in the hotel service package.

At the moment, a project of introducing of mobile communication and wi-fi access in the Tashkent metro is being developed.

Internet providers of Uzbekistan