Kashkadarya region

Kashkadarya region – a unique region of Uzbekistan is located in the southern part of Uzbekistan, in the basin of the Kashkadarya river, on the western slope of the Pamir-Alai mountains.

In the south-east it borders with Surkhandarya region, in the north-west with Bukhara region, in the north with Navoi and Samarkand regions.

Located between the rivers Zarafshan and Amu Darya, this territory in ancient times, according to the annals of Ancient Greece and China, was called southern Sogd and southern Turan.

Kashkadarya — the birthplace of the great Timur, who founded the great Empire of the Timurids and of Spitamen, sogdian commander, who gave a hard rebuff to Alexander the Great in 329 BC.

In 2013, Kashkadarya region was recognized as a promising region of the country for the development of ecotourism and extremal tourism. Interesting places of the region is Achinkul reservoir with unique flora and fauna, astronomic station and observatory in Kitab district. There are two largest reserves of Uzbekistan in Kashkadarya: Hissar national Park and Kitab geological reserve.

The oldest city of Shahrisabz in Kashkadarya region is listed as a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.
In 2006, the city of Karshi also celebrated its 2700th anniversary at the initiative of UNESCO.

The capital of the region – the city of Karshi.
Total area of the region – 28 570 km2.
Population: 3 088 800 people
Major cities: Karshi, Shakhrisabz, Kitab, Dekhkanabad, Kasan

Kashkadarya Region Local Lore Museum in Karshi

From 1975 to 2007, the museum carried out its activities in the building of the Khuzh Abdulaziz madrasah, which was built in 1909. In 2004, in connection with the adoption by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of the decree “On the preparation and conduct of the 2700th anniversary of the city […]
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Kitab State Geological Reserve

Kitab state geological reserve  – one of the most unique natural zone in mountainy Uzbekistan. It is located in the south-western spurs of the Zarafshan range, on the left coast of the Jindydarya river in the Kitab district of Kashkadarya region. Tourists, once in this amazing, fabulous place, can learn about the secrets of the...
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Amir Temur Museum of the History of Material Culture in Shahrisabz

In ancient times, Shakhrisabz was called by historians and geographers as Nautak, and in the Middle Ages Kesh. In written sources, there are such names as “Dilkash”, “Kubbatul ilm shaft adab”. In the years of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan (1996), in honor of the 660th anniversary of the great commander Amir Temur, at […]
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An outstanding monument of the era of Temur and Temurids. Aksaray was built by order of Amir Temur after his campaign against Khorezm. The estimated start of construction in 1379. At present, there are two separate entrance portals preserved, their height exceeding 40 m. The portal arch collapsed about 200 years ago. The span is […]
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Kusam Ota Ensemble

Located 15 km north-west of Karshi, in the village of Pudin, and is considered one of the centers of the Yasaviya Sufi brotherhood in the territory of the Karshi oasis. According to legend, Kusam-ata was one of the spiritual teachers of Bach ad-Din Naqshband (died in 1389). The ensemble consists of several buildings – a […]
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Dorus Saodat Complex

The Dorus-Saodat complex arose after the death of the eldest son of Amir Temur Jahangir (1376), whose mausoleum has a dome ceiling in the form of a cone. Located east of the Dorut-Tilovat complex. In the past, both complexes formed a single ensemble and were part of the main Shakhrisabz necropolis. The tombstone of Sagana […]
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Kok Gumbaz Mosque in Shahrisabz

Kok Gumbaz, the cathedral mosque, is the main monument of the Dar ut-tilavat complex. Built by decree of Mirzo Ulugbek Kuragan in 839/1435 g. In terms of square (12.52 × 12.61 m), covered with a dome resting on the sails. On four sides there are deep niches 4,48-4,63 m wide. Epigraphic inscriptions are laid out […]
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Amir Temur Mausoleum

35 meters east of the remnants of the entrance portal of the Hazrat-i Imam architectural complex there is a crypt, which, as experts believe, Amir Temur prepared for himself. The monument is a unique architectural structure. There is no such type of crypt in the whole Middle and Near East. It has a cruciform plan […]
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Gumbazi Saidon Complex

The mausoleum of Gumbazi Saidon was built in 1437 by order of the famous Mirzo Ulugbek (1394-1449), the grandson of Temur. The tomb together with other buildings makes up a single and unique memorial-architectural complex Dorut-Tilovat. It adjoins the Shamsaddin Kulala mausoleum (died in 1368) from the south and resembles architectural monuments of the era […]
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Varganza – the first agro-tourist village of Uzbekistan (photo review)

In the village of Varganza of Kitab district, with the  support of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourism development and the Khokimiyat of Kashkadarya region, the International festival of agro-tourism “Anor” was held. In the frame of the international festival Varganza village was awarded as the First Agro-tourist village. The festival...
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The First International Geotourism forum in Uzbekistan

August 1-3, 2019, the First International Geotourism forum will be held in Kashkadarya region. The forum is organized by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourism development and the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Geology and mineral resources. The focus of the forum participants will be a visual study...
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The II International Festival of National Clothes will be held in Shakhrisabz

From March 21 to 22, in the days of celebrating Navruz national holiday, the II International Festival of National Clothes will be held in Shakhrisabz. The event will present collections of fashion designers from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Italy. Within the framework of the festival, fashion shows of domestic and foreign designers, master classes […]
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