About Kokand

Situated in the south-west of Ferghana valley, Kokand is one of the most iconic cities of Uzbekistan, with great cultural and historical value. The first information about Hukand or Havokand, and in last was called Kokand, date back to X century BC. The city has a very rich history dating back centuries. The flourishing of Kokand began in the 18th century, when city became the capital of the powerful Kokand khanate, as well as political, cultural and religious center, numbering within 35 madrassahs and about 300 mosques. Today Kokand consists of two parts: the old and the new city. Architectural monuments of the old town such as Norbutabi Madrasah, Jami mosque and minaret, Dahma-I-Shakhon mausoleum, Kamol Kazi madrassah, a tomb of Madari Khan’s women, Hudoyarhan Palace fascinate with its unique beauty and originality.