A madrasa (in Arabic “school”) is a religious school, in which however also scientific subjects and today also English are taught.

The classrooms and student cells are arranged over one or two floors around a central courtyard.

Most madrasas have four halls accessible from the courtyard and an open side to the courtyard. These halls are called “Ivan” (also called “Ayvan”) and are each located in the middle of the four building wings. The classrooms and a mosque are housed in the corner rooms.

Muhammad Amin Inaka Madrasa in Khiva

The madrasah was built in 1785 by Mohammed Amin, the inak, who laid the foundation for the lineage of the Kungrat khans. According to legends, in one of the rooms of the madrasa there is the burial of Mohammed Amin Inak himself or his younger son Kutlug Murad Bal Khan. In 1935, some monuments of […]
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Abdurasulbay Madrasa in Khiva

The madrasah building adjoins the southeast corner of the Yar Muhammad Devon mosque. It was built with the money of Abdurasulbai, nephew of Muhammad Niyaz Mirzabashi (Kamil Khorezmi), the great poet, composer and translator. The entrance is located between two courtyards, consists of two connected dome sections with a side facing the courtyard of the […]
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Musa Tur Madrasa in Khiva

The madrasah is located in the northern part of Ichan-Kala, on Tashpulatova Street. It was built by Amir Tura – the son of Muhammad Rahimkhan I, brother of Said Muhammad Rahimkhan II in 1870. Amir Tura held a high post – Amirul-Ulamo, that is, the head of Ulamo. The building of the madrasa is large, […]
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Abdullahan Madrasa in Khiva

The madrasah, located on the south side of the Kutlug Murad Inak madrasa, was built in 1855 by the mother of Khiva Khan, in memory of her son Abdullakhan, after his tragic death. If you do not take into account the building portal, the madrasah is devoid of decorations, its structure is very simplified. To […]
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Matpanabay Madrasa in Khiva

Madrasah is located north of the mosque Juma. This madrasa was built by one of the rich merchants of the Khanate Matpanabay in 1905. The construction of the madrasah was carried out by the chief masters of Khiva Hudaibergen Haji and Kalandar Kochum. The portal of the madrasah faces its front to the east and […]
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Hodjam Berdybiy Madrasa in Khiva

It was built in 1688 in Ichan-Kala near the eastern gate Palvan-Darvaza, in front of the Allah Kuli-Khan madrasah. In 1834, Allakuli Khan built a new large mosque, and the existing one was partially destroyed and rebuilt. As a result, two small courtyards were formed, separated from each other, and the madrasah was named Khurdzhum […]
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Matniyaz Divanbegi Madrasa in Khiva

As Finance Minister of Khiva Khan, Mohammed Niyaz (in the Matniyaz dialect) built a sofabegie in 1871 in the central part of Ichan-Kala, a madrasa and next to it a covered chorsu market. Madnasa Matniyaz Durbbegi is located near the madrasa Muhammad Aminkhana. It has a central facade opened to the west, the area in […]
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Tilla-Kari Madrasa in Samarkand

The North side of the Registan square was reconstructed during the 17th century. At the place of the Ulugbek caravansarav “Mirzoii” by order of Jalangtush Bahodur the construction was erected to combine a madrassah and a mosque. The construction of the madrassah and mosque took almost fifteen years from 1646 to 1660. Tilla-Kori is not […]
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Mazari Sharif Madrasa in Khiva

Rakhimkulikhan had a son named Isa Türi, he was for some time the hokim of the city of Tashauz (a city in the territory of Turkmenistan) and built a madrasa in his name called “Mazari Sharif” (“Tomb of the Noble”) near the mausoleum of Pahlavan Mahmud. About this public there is such a legend. It […]
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Ulughbek Madrasa in Samarkand

Mirzo Ulugbek (1409-1449), AmirTemur’s (1370-1405) grandson, started exlensive construction works in Samarkand, Bukhara, Shahrisabz and Gijduvan. Ulugbek Madrasa in Samarkand was constructed during three years (1417—1420) on the west side of the Registan square. It was one of classic education institutions of the East Inside there is a court yard with 54 cells (hujras), where […]
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Sheikh Kalandar Bobo Madrasa in Khiva

The Sha-Kalandar-bobo complex consists of a one-story madrasah and a minaret. It was built at the end of the 19th century at the burial place of Sheikh Kalandar-bobo. According to the legends, Shakalandar Bobo or Sheikh Kalandar Bobo was a Sufi sheikh and arrived in Khiva in search of faith with his two brothers, dervishes. […]
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Kutlug Murad Inaka Madrasa in Khiva

The palace historian Khudayberdi ibn Koshmuhammed Khivaki, who depicted the events of the past in the historical pages, in his work entitled “Dili Garayib” (“Hearts of the Surprised”), writes, “Hevak was destroyed and rebuilt many times. The deceased father of their majesty (Allahulihan), may their souls rest in paradise, Abulgazi Mohammed Rahimkhan and his younger […]
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