Muslim mosques

Prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam. Therefore, mosques are centers of religious life. There are neighborhood mosques, usually kept simple, Friday mosque and festive mosques, mostly located outside the city.

Often the mosque has an enclosed space – the Winter Mosque, and an open space – the Summer Mosque, which is mostly integrated into the courtyard.

The main room of the mosque with the prayer niche (mihrab) usually has a dome. The main room has an entrance portal (Pichtak). There are pillared arcades around the courtyard.

Ak-Masjid (White Mosque) in Khiva

In a series of buildings in Khiva, the mosque mosques are quickly difficult to determine. Because most mosques are built exactly like residential buildings, among them the Ak Mosque (White Mosque) is distinguished by its own design. The external view of the mosque, the shady aivan surrounding it from three sides, the three doors of […]
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Amir Temur Mosque and the Mausoleum of Bibi-Khanym in Samarkand

It is known under a name of the legendary wife of Amir Temur: Bibi-khanym (Saray-Mulk-khanym). There is a legend that she constructed this building as na expression of love to her husband. Actually it was built as the main mosque by order of Amir Temur after Ms Indian campaign. The construction of the building began […]
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Sheikh Zainiddin Mosque in Tashkent

The complex is located in the historic district of Tashkent, Kukcha, and its history is directly linked with the history of the area. Information about that person in the historical sources were not found. According to local legends, the father of sheikh Zayniddin was supposedly one of the eponyms of Sufi brotherhood Suhravardiya famous Shihab […]
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Minor Mosque in Tashkent

Minor Mosque – a new architectural complex in Tashkent, located on the banks of the canal Anhor, embankment of which in recent months has undergone significant changes in terms of improvement. The mosque is located on the bank of the Ankhor Canal and is designed for more than 2,400 people. After the opening in 2016, […]
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Khoja Ahrar Wali Mosque (Jami Mosque) in Tashkent

The Khoja Ahrar Vali Mosque is the basis of the Registan ensemble in the area of Tashkent ​​Chorsu Square. The foundation of the mosque was laid in the IX century. Ubaidulla Akhrar – the great master of Sufism, the head of the Muslim clergy and the descendant of Prophet Muhammad, preparing for the move, ordered […]
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Islom Ota Mosque in Tashkent

The mosque is decorated with the main dome (22.1 m), a large minaret (36.65 m) and four small minarets (10.82 m). The ceilings and walls of the mosque are painted with suras from the Holy Koran. After the reconstruction, taking into account the suggestions and wishes of the general public, it was decided to rename […]
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Kalan Masjid mosque in Bukhara

The first Friday Mosque of Bukhara was founded in 713 by the Arab commander Qutaiba ibn Muslim in kuhandiz (Ark/fortress) of Bukhara on the site of a pagan temple in the first quarter of the 12th century. Karakhanidian ruler Arslan –khan, Muhammad ordered to transfer Friday mosque and minaret to the western part of shakhristan. […]
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Ak-Machit (White Mosque) in Khiva

It is difficult to quickly identify residential quarter mosques among the other buildings of Khiva. Because most of the mosques are built exactly like residential buildings, among them the Ak-Machit (A White Mosque) differs by the peculiarity of its layout. Frontal view of the mosque, a shady terassa surrounding it from three sides, three doors […]
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Kok Gumbaz Mosque in Shahrisabz

Kok Gumbaz, the cathedral mosque, is the main monument of the Dar ut-tilavat complex. Built by decree of Mirzo Ulugbek Kuragan in 839/1435 g. In terms of square (12.52 × 12.61 m), covered with a dome resting on the sails. On four sides there are deep niches 4,48-4,63 m wide. Epigraphic inscriptions are laid out […]
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Yar Muhannad Devon (Saidata) Mosque in Khiva

The mosque Yar Muhammad Devon (Saidata) was built in the 18th century. It is located behind the mausoleum of Said Allauddin, and it borders on its eastern wall with the Madduse Abdurasulbai. The structural composition of the mosque combines a domed hall and a high flat iwan. On the plan, the mosque looks like a […]
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Hasan Murad Kushbegi Tura Mosque in Khiva

Hassan Murad Kushbegi mosque (named after the chief of the khan’s guard) was built at the end of the 18th century. This is a small building of quadrangular shape, divided into residential premises. In the northern part of it there is a narrow courtyard, a summer aivan and a winter mosque. In the northeast corner […]
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Juma Mosque and Minaret in Khiva

The mosque is the place where the prayers of Muslims are performed, the monastery revered for them, from the XI century began to be used for individual events. Some type of mosque was intended for prayers by a large number of Muslims during the Muslim holidays “Kurban Khayit” and “Uraza Khayit”, which were celebrated twice […]
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