Secrets of Uzbek Beauty

Let’s Discover Uzbekistan!

From John Reinhard’s personal Facebook page From September 25 to October 4, Uzbekistan  visited by a creative group of bloggers from the Benelux . With the support of the State  Committee of Uzbekistan  for tourism development and on the initiative of “Gulnara Fashion” on September 25, 13 representatives of fashion and travel industry of Benelux...
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Curls and braids – the basis of Uzbek beauty

The main pride of Uzbek girls has always been thick and lush hair, which they  are often braided. Secrets of hair care passed on to the girls from generation to generation. In order to make the girls ‘ hair thick, they were usually cut before the age of 5-7 years. Little girls of 7 years...
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Khan-atlas – the lord of silk

Khan-atlas is a reflection of the clouds on a piece of material, so beautiful, that it is able to outshine the beauty of the girl. In the legend of the royal silk it is said that one day one of Margilan rulers fell in love with the daughter of a poor weaver, and decided to...
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