Shahrisabz located 80 km from Samarkand is the homeland of Tamerlane. Shahrisabz became the second capital city of his vast state, which was constantly taken care of by him, improved well and decorated.

Kok Gumbaz Masjid in Shahrisabz

One of Sahrisabz’s majestic and must-see sites is the Kok Gumbaz Masjid, built during the reign of Temurid Sultan Mirzo Ulughbek in 1435. Central domed structure with a diameter of 46 meters has been fully preserved. There are inscriptions from the Koran in majolica frame on the outer side of the dome. Once there were held the most important religious services.

After one of his campaigns Amir Temur ordered to build a huge and inimitable building that has no equal anywhere in the world. And thus in spring of 1380 local and foreign craftsmen, architects and builders started construction of the Ak-Saray Palace. lt literally means The White Palace.

About Shahrisabz

Situated in 80 km to Samarkand, Shahrisabz, which translated as  a “Green city”, is one of the most attractive ancient cities of Uzbekistan.

Shahrisabz is known as the birthplace of the great Tamerlane, who became the city an important center of science and art.

The city has a large number of architectural buildings, and the historic city center is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most famous are the Ak-Saray palace, Dor-ut Tilovat memorial complex, Kok-Gumbaz mosque, the mausoleums of Dor-us Saodat, Shamsuddin Kulal, Gumbazi-seyidan.

The government of Uzbekistan is actively implementing the concept of “Shahrisabz – city of festivals”, which reveals the huge potential of the city as a center of culture and tourism. Thus, by the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, in September 2018, the First International Festival of Art  of Maqom was held in Shakhrisabz, and now will be held in the city every 2 years.