Sirdarya region

Sirdarya region is located in the central part of Uzbekistan, on the territory of the Mirzachul steppe, on the left side of the Sirdarya river. It borders Kazakhstan in the north, Tajikistan in the south, Jizzakh in the west and Tashkent region in the east.

The capital of the region is the city of Gulistan, which means “Blooming land”.

The first settlements appeared on this territory more than 3 thousand years ago mainly along rivers and mountain waterfalls. In the Zoroastrians holy book “Avesta” Sirdarya is mentioned under the name “Danu”, in the ancient Greek manuscripts – “Yaksart” and “Tanais”, in Chinese sources – “Yaasho”, in Arabic Chronicles -“Seykhun”, and in the Middle ages as “Sir Darya”. Two settlements in Sirdarya region Hawas and the Sabat was mentioned by the ancient Arab geographers.

Among the important historical monuments in the north-east of the region are the ruins of the medieval city of Nurata. The oldest monument is located on the territory of Seykhunabad district and occupies 40 hectares. The city was formed in IX century during the reign of Ismail Samani.

Another monument reflecting the history of the area – Sardoba, is located in Sardoba district. Sardoba, from Persian means “cold water”. Sardoba – was water structures of brick, were built on the caravan routes and served mainly to meet the needs of caravans.

The territory of Sirdarya region was part of different states: the Achemenid Empire, the Ephtalites state, the Turkic Kaganate, the Arabic Caliphate, the States of the Samanids, Khorezmshahs, Empire of Mongols, Empire of Amir Timur, Sheybanids and Ashtarkhanids, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union.

Sirdarya region, located on the banks of one of the longest rivers in Central Asia – Sirdarya, has the potential for the development of eco-tourism. In this regard, the region allocated land for the development of ecotourism in these areas.

In addition, in the region on the former estate of count U. Alekseev created a local lore museum, where you can learn about the history of the Syrdarya region.

The capital of region – the city of Gulistan.
Total area – 5 100 km2
Population — 777 100 people.
Major cities: Gulistan, Yangier, Shirin

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