Sports Tourism


Uzbekistan has a lot of resources for active tourism and memorable holidays. Here you can find a lot of opportunities to make your vacation unforgettable – to take part in a car and motorcycle rally, to climb to the highest point of Uzbekistan or cross the endless desert, go to the ski resort, or organize a summer vacation for the whole family on the shore of the Charvak reservoir.

In Uzbekistan you can visit areas such as the Cave of Amir Temur, the radio astronomy complex “Suffa”, the waterfall Suvtushar, picturesque highland villages of Kul and Gilan, Severtsev glacier and much more.

In addition, in the mountainous regions of the country, you can diversify your vacation with balloon or paraglider flights, observing the surroundings and scenic views.

Air adventures

Traveling around the country, many are looking for new experiences in the hope to capture the highlights of the holiday. New emotions in this case, can give extreme sports – paragliding and hot air ballooning.

    Ski resorts of Uzbekistan

    Today in Uzbekistan are running 2 ski resorts "Chimgan" and "Beldersay" to the end of 2019 planned opening of the second ski base – "Amirsoy". In summer, ski resorts are a great place for outdoor activities and walks, cycling and horse riding tours, climbing and climbing.

    Beach and swimming

    Uzbekistan – a country rich of historical attractions and breathtaking natural landscapes, can offer its guests a great holiday on the shores of lakes and reservoirs.