Tashkent region

The region is located in the north-eastern part of Uzbekistan between the western part of the Tien Shan mountains and the Sirdarya river. Tashkent region borders in the north-west with Kazakhstan, in the north-east it borders with Kyrgyzstan, in the south — with Tajikistan, in the south-west with Sirdarya region.

The administrative center of region is the city of Nurafshon. Until July 20, 2017, the administrative center of the region was Tashkent city.

The territory of the Tashkent region people began to settle in ancient times, as evidenced by the many archaeological excavations. This is the traces of settlements the Stone age, remains of settlements from the Bronze age, the petroglyphs, the many mounds and ruins of ancient fortresses. The most famous monuments on the territory of the Tashkent oasis is Kanka settlement. The capital of the ancient settlement was located in the Akhangaran valley (70 km from modern Tashkent). Over time, the center of the Tashkent oasis moved to the north on the territory of modern Tashkent, on the site of Ming Urik settlement.

The unique climate and geography of the Tashkent oasis is created by nature for recreation and tourism. The resort zone “Chimgan-Charvak — Beldersay” (Chimgan — Charvak recreational zone) is located on the territory of Ugam – Chatkal State National Park. Eighty kilometers from the Tashkent, at the confluence of three wild mountain rivers of Ugam, Chatkal and Pskem ascended the high dam of the Charvak hydroelectric power station and there was created an artificial lake, now called the Charvak reservoir, surrounded by green slopes, crowned with snowy peaks.

The territory of Ugam-Chatkal national Park has picturesque natural areas with spreading trees and beautiful lakes. Jade lakes of Urungach are the gem of the National Park. A trip to the Lower and Upper Lakes of Urungach will give travelers a swim in the crystal clear waters, a walk to the dam, familiarity with the rocks, which are mirrored in the jade waters of the upper lake.

In the Chimgan valley, in a picturesque tract at the foot of the peaks of the Great and Small Chimgan at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, are lied numerous ski resorts. The complexes are designed for lovers of active recreation and sports tourism.

From November to March – the peak of the ski season, the mountain slopes have a stable snow cover. The relatively mild climate, almost complete absence of wind, a large selection of trails for slalom skiing and downhill create excellent conditions for this sport.

Hiking trails start from the picturesque tract “Twelve keys” to the wide dome of the Great Chimgan at an altitude of 3377 meters above sea level or to the top of the Small Chimgan at a height of 2100 meters. The most popular routes through the picturesque places in the Western Tien Shan along the mountain rivers Chatkal, Akbulak, Pskem and Koksu are connected with the ascent to the steep slopes and crossings through the stormy streams, which is only possible for hikers — well-trained and physically prepared mountain tourists.

The capital of region – the city of Nurafshon
Total area – 15 300 km2.
Population – 2 644 400 people
Major cities — Chirchik, Angren, Almalyk, Akhangaran, Chirchik, Yangiabad, Yangiyul, Bekabad

Tashkent sea

In 30 km from the capital of Uzbekistan is located Tuyabuguz Reservoir, called in nation  the Tashkent sea. As the reservoir is shallow and its bottom warms up quickly, the water is often warm and clean. The beach is equipped with the necessary infrastructure here stretches for a few kilometers. Among the available entertainment here...
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Beldersay – ski mountain resort

Beldersay is a ski resort located in Gazalkent district of Tashkent region, in 80 kilometers from Tashkent — the capital of Uzbekistan. If Chimgan is usually recommended for family holidays and for beginners, the Beldersay is designed for more experienced athletes. The resort has a first-class hotel and ski slopes. There are 2 cable cars...
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Charvak Reservoir

Thinking over a beach holiday in Uzbekistan, you may visit Charvak reservoir – the main part of free tourist zone located in the Bostanlyk district of Tashkent region. To get to the resort area from the capital, you can rent a car, train or intercity buses. The sandy beach on the camp site is landscaped...
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Chimgan – a popular ski resort in Uzbekistan

Chimgan” – a popular ski resort in Uzbekistan, located in the Tashkent Region primarily designed for mass recreation. The Valley of Chimgan is located on the height of 1200-1600 meters above sea level and is surrounded with mountains. Greater Chimgan Mountain (3309 m) is the main peak of the valley and towers above the entire...
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Tashkent Polytechnic Museum

The Tashkent Polytechnic Museum, created at the initiative of JSC UzAvtosanoat, has opened its doors to visitors since November 2015. The museum is located on two floors. On the ground floor, you can learn about the history of the global automotive industry and the development of the domestic automotive industry. Here are the expositions of […]
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Zanghi-Ata Ensemble

The ensemble was formed around the tomb of the sufi shaykh Yasaviya Zanghi Ata (14lh century). The oldest part of it consists of the burial chamber of the shaikh and a hall for the pilgrims. In addition, there is the mosque, khujdras (rooms) for pilgrims, a minaret, a pond (khauz) and near-gate construction built in […]
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The Ugam-Chatkal National park

The Ugam-Chatkal national park is the largest and most popular nature state protected zone in Tashkent region. It was established in 1990 in the gorges of Chatkal ridge. Its territory is little changed by human activities and is designed to preserve the mountain ecosystems of the region. The area of the national park is 574,600...
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Amirsoy – all season mountain resort

Thinking of how to spend your winter weekend?  The Amirsoy mountain resort is perfect destination! “Amirsoy” – a unique all-season world-class  mountain resort in Uzbekistan that meets international standards of comfort, quality and security. The resort is located on an area of 900 hectares in one of the most beautiful and picturesque places of the...
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Tourist information centers opened in Tashkent region

July 22, Bekabad and Tashkent districts of Tashkent region on the territory of the “Oybek” and “Gisht-Kuprik”  checkpoint opened 2 Tourist information centres. Earlier, during the visit of President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Tashkent region from 1 to 3 June, a number of tasks were set, one of which was the creation of Tourist...
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International Olympic day celebrated in Tashkent

In honor of the International Olympic day, mass celebrations were held in the capital. Athletes from 28 Olympic federations took part in various events. Spectators were expected to show sports competitions, performance of entertainers, and near the sports complex “Humo Arena” was a real magic show – two huge balloons were launched into the sky...
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“Chimgan Echo-2019” International Festival

From 14 to 16th of June in the Bostanlyk district of Tashkent region the international festival “Chimgan echo-2019” will be hosted . The program of the event includes competitions in skyrunning (high-speed climbing), rock climbing, mountain biking and more. The festival will also host a competition of original songs of international tourism, which is expected...
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Skiing in Uzbekistan: From First Steps to Record

For beginners: If the weather allows, you can ride in the mountains of Uzbekistan until the end of March. On the ski slopes are professional instructors with years of experience, and it is better to find them and use their services. There is also moonlighting as a briefing by the locals. If you want to...
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