Uzbekistan Weather Forecast

Uzbekistan is called the sunny land, because the warm weather here lasts more than seven months.
The climate of Uzbekistan is sharply continental, expressed in hot summers and changeable, but generally warm weather in the autumn-winter-spring period.
The nature of the country is arid, there is little atmospheric precipitation, and relative humidity is low. The day lasts about 15 hours in the summer and at least nine in winter.
Summer in Uzbekistan is hot, it actually starts in May and lasts until mid-October. From June to August, rains are rare, the sky is clear, the air is dry. Daytime temperature is around + 33 ° С, in the south (Termez) + 42 ° С, and in the evening it drops to + 20 ° С. Dust storms sometimes rise.
Autumn begins in October and lasts until December. Sometimes it rains. The air temperature ranges from + 5 ° C to + 20 ° C. Closer to December, frost appears at night. Autumn comes earlier in the mountains, the air cools down to 0 ° С.
Winter lasts from late December to mid-February. During the winter, most of the annual precipitation falls. The temperature usually stays between -5 ° С … + 10 ° С, in deserts at night it can drop to -30 ° С. The fallen snow sometimes turns to rain, or melts in a couple of days. Only in the mountains does he stay for months. It happens that after several frosty days warm weather returns again.
Spring comes in February, ends before the beginning of May. The air warms up to + 20 ° C, there is a strong wind, it often rains, turning into showers. Sometimes frosts occur. Warm days alternate with cold.