Winter sport

Uzbekistan has very mild winters. This provides an excellent opportunity for healthy recreation and sports development at this season.
The dramatic growth of attention to winter sports in Uzbekistan can be seen in such projects as the world class ski resort Amirsoy in Bostanlyk district of Tashkent region, as well as the Humo Arena winter palace in Tashkent.
Since 2017, the country has created 4 federations for the development and promotion of winter sports: the Ice Hockey Federation, the Figure skating and Short track Federation, the Curling Federation and the Ski Federation.
The federations will have to organize the activities of children’s and youth schools in winter sports, prepare athletes for national teams, open branches in the regions and create ice palaces and training camps.

Ski sport

Uzbekistan has a very good natural potential for skiing. At the moment, there are three mastered ski resorts in Uzbekistan: Beldersay, Chimgan, Yangiabad. In the near future it is planned to open a new world-class ski resort “Amirsoy” in Bostanlyk district in Tashkent region. Chimgan and Beldersay are located relatively close to Tashkent: at a...
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Figure skating

The history of the development of figure skating in Uzbekistan began with the opening in 1970 of the Ice Palace of sports “Yubileyniy” in Tashkent. Ten years later, the graduators of the Republican specialized children’s and youth sports school of the Olympic reserve in figure skating Marina Nikityuk and Rashid Kadyrkayev became silver medalists of...
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Hockey in Uzbekistan

Nowadays, hockey in Uzbekistan began to gain great popularity. There are 4 ice rinks and 369 professional players in the country. In the spring of 2019, a large Ice Palace “Humo Arena” was built in Tashkent, the main winter palace of which can accommodate up to 12,500 spectators, and an additional ice arena for 300...
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