Yurt Camping

Yurt camps offer tourists to enjoy and fell into the life and culture of nomadic peoples of Central Asia, to study the centuries-old traditions and unhurried way of life of local residents against the background of unique nature.

One of the types of accommodation during a rural tour to the north of Uzbekistan is a Yurt.

Staying in a Yurt camp, the tourist has an opportunity to settle in a traditional dwelling of nomads of Central Asia – a Yurt, absolutely eco-friendly house, as it is made of simple natural materials: wood and sheep wool. Each Yurt can accommodate 4-5 people.

Some of the most famous Yurt camps in Uzbekistan are: Aidar camp, located 10 from the Western shore of the Aidarkul lake in Navoi region, Safari camp near the city of Nurata, Muynak Yurt camp on the shore of the Aral sea, Ayaz-Kala camp near the settlement of Ayaz-Kala and others.

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