Archeology Museum of Termez

One of the most unique museums in Central Asia – Archeology Museum of Termez  is opened to visitors and guests on the eve of the Bakhshi International Art Festival. The museum was founded on October 24, 2001 on the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I. A. Karimov, in honor of the 2500th anniversary of the city of Termez. According to the wealth of the fund and the nature of the exhibition, it is considered the only one not only in the republic, but also in Central Asia.

The museum has 10 thematic halls. Despite its narrow archaeological specialization, the museum’s foundation includes more than 40,000 antiquities, consisting of collections of paintings, sculptures, numismatics, photos, household items and much more. The museum has a scientific library, which contains more than 17,000 unique books, as well as handwritten and lithographic publications in Persian, Arabic and European languages. The museum displays unique statues of stone and plaster, ceramic vessels, a stone pool, as well as a map of the area, where 20 archeological monuments which refers to different periods of the history of the region are marked. In 9 main halls there are exhibits found during the excavations of the Surkhandarya region, here both primitive stone tools of the primitive man, and works of art made by the hands of skilled craftsmen
A lot of scientific work is held in the museum and there are the following scientific departments: the Hellenistic and Ancient Bactrian eras, the stone and bronze epochs, the Kushan Empire of Northern Bactria, the developed Middle Ages, the early Middle Ages of Northern Tokharistan, the Khanate era, and the Numismatic Department. The museum has a laboratory-workshop for the restoration of antiquities. The museum carries out its own research and conducts archaeological expeditions on the territory of the little-known historical sites of Surkhandarya.

Annualy, the museum fund is actively replenished by finds from Zharkutan, Baysun barrows, Kampir-tepa, Old Termez and other places discovered by archaeological expeditions during excavations on the territory of Surkhandarya.

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