Uzbekistan Open Sky: A new charter flight from Istanbul was carried out to Bukhara

On the morning of October 31, the first plane of the Turkish Atlas Global Airlines landed at the Bukhara airport, following the new charter flight Istanbul-Bukhara. The “Airbus-321” of the Turkish Atlasglobal Airlines with the support of the Uzbek “Grand Atlas Discovery” company, followed from Istanbul-Bukhara, and completed its first flight at the International airport of Bukhara, was solemnly greeted with the warmest greetings.

For reference, “Atlasglobal” (until 2015 “Atlasjet Havacılık A. Ş”.) is a Turkish airline operating scheduled and charter passenger flights to Europe and Asia, as well as within Turkey. Based at Istanbul new airport, having an additional hub at Dalaman airport.

The first guests of the charter flight from Istanbul were solemnly welcomed at Bukhara International airport by a number of responsible organizations headed by the Administration of Bukhara region.

Among the first passengers of the flights are Turkish journalists, bloggers, employees of travel companies, religious figures and scientists.

“We are very glad that we came to hospitable Uzbekistan. With 25 Turkish tour operators and a hundred guests, we made the first charter flight from Istanbul to Bukhara. We have been waiting for this for several years because there are so many people in Turkey who want to come here to enjoy the history, culture and traditions of this unique country. After the positive decision of Uzbekistan on the issue of charter flight, more than 100 passengers expressed their desire to join our trip. Today we brought them to Holy Bukhara. We are delighted with such a solemn reception. As a tour operator, we are ready to do everything possible to increase the number of tourists arriving in Uzbekistan”, – said the head of the tourist company “Uchbey” Muhammad Gulseren.

The issue of opening new charter flights to Samarkand and Bukhara from Turkey was worked out for almost 8 months.

The result of the work done to increase air links between the cities of Uzbekistan and foreign countries in the framework of the implementation of the new legislation and the efforts of JSC “Airports in Uzbekistan” with the support of the Ministry of transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the issue was positively solved and Turkish airlines “Atlasglobal Airlines” issued a permit to perform flights to Uzbekistan.

According to the information, next year “Atlas global Airlines” plans to perform 50 flights for the development of pilgrimage tourism, which according to estimates will carry 10 thousand tourists to our country.