5 places in Tashkent region worth visiting on the hottest days of summer

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5 places in Tashkent region worth visiting on the hottest days of summer

The Paltau waterfall and the Obi-Rakhmat grotto are a wonder of nature of unimaginable beauty. It is noisy and uncontrollable, rushing down a stream of fast water from a height of 38 meters. Before you get to the waterfall, the road will lead first to the Obi-Rahmat cave, where the site of the ancient people of the Paleolithic era was discovered.



Mountain village of Nanai. The village is located in the southeastern part of the Charvak reservoir. According to one of the legends, the Nanai settlement is one of the oldest and has existed since the time of the conquests of Alexander the Great. It was built as a temporary transshipment base for the commander and his warriors.



The Kuraminsky Range is a mountain range located in the Western Tien Shan. Here in the gorge there is a snowfield - one of the tributaries of Akhangaran. To climb to the gorge, you need to overcome 9 km in both directions.



The Kumushkan recreation area is a local health resort and a popular recreation area. There is clean mountain air, crystal lakes and rivers, and the main attraction is the Kumushkan spring.



Sukok is a small village with preserved authentic Uzbek style. There is also a Chashma spring, a “singing cave”, a forest with centuries-old pines. In the village you can try the famous samsa stuffed with healing mountain herbs.



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