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A new regulation has been adopted on the allocation of grants and subsidies to support the film industry

26.08.2020 883

Uzbekistan has adopted a new regulation on the allocation of grants and other financial resources to support the production of historical films. The regulation was adopted in accordance with the new Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 433 dated July 10, 2020.

This regulation concerns the procedure for allocating subsidies from the non-Budgetary Fund for supporting the tourism sector, for allocating grants to finance the filming of full-length feature films, short films, chronicle documentaries about historical and legendary figures of Uzbekistan, as well as to cover the costs of organizing karaoke halls and tourist and entertainment events.

The grant is allocated to cover 30 percent of the total budget of one project in the amount of no more than 3 billion soums.

The total amount of the grant is approved annually by the State Tourism Committee in the budget of income and expenses of the Fund, agreed with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, based on the financial capabilities of the Fund.

To make a request for grant funds, you must submit the following documents:

- materials of the film project;

-Bank confirmation of the availability of the remaining 70 percent of funds for the project implementation;

- a copy of the international distribution agreement or letter of guarantee for the sale of a feature film lasting at least 70 minutes for full-length feature films in international film markets and promotion of the film at international film festivals;

- a copy of the international distribution agreement or letter of guarantee for the promotion of a short feature film with a duration of at least 30 minutes, for the screening of full-length films at international film festivals;

- copies of documents confirming the duration of documentary-chronicle and documentary-feature films will be shown at least 40 minutes of the film in online cinemas.

All projects should be aimed at:

a) interpretation of stories about the history and historical figures of Uzbekistan;

b) promotion of national cinematography in the international media arena;

C) demonstrate the tourism potential of Uzbekistan.

At the end of each quarter, the Grant will be allocated to entrepreneurs who have applied in this completed quarter, until the end of the quarter, on the 20th of the following month.

A special Committee decides on the allocation or denial of subsidies based on the study of applications received during the quarter, compliance with the requirements hereof prior to the 10th of the month following the end of the quarter and shall forward a copy of the decision to the applicant within one day from the date of the decision.

In case of refusal to Grant a subsidy, the applicant is sent to the applicant within one working day from the date of the decision with a clear indication of the reasons for refusal to grant a subsidy.

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