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Uzbekistan's tourism industry will be developed jointly with the leading European company ECM Spectrum

29.07.2022 1388

On July 28, in the building of the Ministry of Tourism and cultural heritage of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a memorandum was signed between the director of the State Unitary Enterprise “National PR-Centre” D.M. Samandarova and the director of ECM Spectrum S.R. Alimov.

The Memorandum provides for the implementation of joint projects aimed at the development of tourism, logistics, transport infrastructure, the development of tourist areas based on master planning, as well as projects for the redevelopment and adaptation of cultural heritage sites for modern use on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In recent years, ECM Spectrum has been following the development of Uzbekistan in the field of tourism with great enthusiasm. The increase in tourist flow, the rapid pace of development of the country's economy and other positive factors influenced the desire of ECM Spectrum to participate in large-scale works carried out by the Government of Uzbekistan in the field of creating favorable conditions for tourists.

For reference: ECM Spectrum is a European engineering company with an office in Berlin, which represents participates in the implementation of modern projects in industry, infrastructure and real estate in Germany, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and several CIS countries, presenting international-level services.

The cooperation of the participants of the meeting will have a beneficial effect on the development of tourism and cultural heritage of our country.

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