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An exhibition dedicated to the history of Uzbekistan will open at the Louvre Museum

05.10.2022 1513

In Paris, on November 23 this year, the famous Louvre Museum will open the first exhibition dedicated to the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan - “Treasures of the oases of Uzbekistan. At the crossroads of caravan routes. 138 unique exhibits will be presented here.

At the moment, specifically for this exhibition, Uzbek and French specialists are restoring about 70 exhibits from the museums of Uzbekistan, which will be presented to art lovers within 3 months.

The exhibition will talk about the Great Silk Road, which passed through the southern part of modern Uzbekistan. Its exposition will cover a period of almost two millennia.

The exhibition will be of historical significance for intercultural cooperation between Uzbekistan and France, presenting the rich culture of the region to an international audience.

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