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Geological Museum


Address: 11-а Taras Shevchenko Street, Tashkent

Reference point: metro "Ming Urik"

Phone: (+998) 71-256-1341, 71-256-1192

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 08:30am-05:30pm

Day off: Sunday

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Geology Museum

Once, my friend and I decided to go to the museum. We chose the Tashkent Geological Museum, and we did not regret it.

The museum turned out to be very interesting. For some time, we are transported several tens of millions of years into the past. We first entered a small courtyard. The exhibits were already presented there: traces of pterodactyls were carved on the average size of the stones. Further, going into the room, we were met by a guide. With kindness and enthusiasm, he gave instructions on how to use the museum. And my friend and I went to the exhibit halls on our own.

The exposition of the museum contains more than 40 thousand different exhibits. The museum itself consists of 12 rooms, which cover topics on mineralogy, paleontology, the history of geology of Uzbekistan, ancient mining and geological research of Uzbekistan.

It was very interesting to study the expositions on the origin of life on earth. Fossils of ancient mollusks, various fossil remains of organisms, traces of life found on the territory of Uzbekistan were presented in the hall of paleontology. Among these exhibits were a dummy dinosaur skeleton, the remains of various invertebrates, ancient elephants, their teeth and vertebrae, and plants. The dinosaur hall was very impressive. What was our surprise to learn that once upon a time tyrannosaurs and even ancient sharks lived on the territory of modern Uzbekistan.

In addition, I really liked the presented samples of stones and minerals mined in Uzbekistan. In the main hall on the stands, the gems were rotating and illuminated, which looked very impressive.

Leaving the museum we were in a great mood, and most importantly, we managed to combine the useful with the pleasant. 


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