How much does tourists from different countries spend in Uzbekistan? The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage has presented a report on the increase in the number of tourists to the country.

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The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage presented a report on the expenses of tourists from different countries. According to statistics provided by the agency, tourists from far-abroad countries turned out to be the most generous, they spend an average of $ 709.4 per trip.

The average expenses of tourists from the CIS countries, in particular Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Armenia amount to approximately $635 per trip. Tourists from Kazakhstan spend about $ 158.3, Turkmenistan - $ 104.6, Kyrgyzstan - $ 99.3, Tajikistan - $ 60.4 per trip, which is due to the relatively short period of stay and travel in Uzbekistan from these countries.

At the same time, surveys of tourists staying from CIS countries have shown that absolutely the majority of tourist trips are carried out by air transport compared to railway and automobile communication.

Due to the emerging trends in the world to get out of the global pandemic associated with Covid-19, it is expected that in the near future the flow of tourists will be significantly increased with an increase rate of at least 30% per year. For example, more than 16 thousand tourists from the Russian Federation visited Uzbekistan in just one month.

New opportunities require additional international air passenger transportation, expansion of the geography of flights as a national air carrier, and the involvement of foreign airlines, especially budget transportation destinations.

In order to attract an additional flow of tourists, along with the existing flights, experts emphasize the need to open or restore flights to the following destinations: Athens, Warsaw, Prague, Amsterdam, Madrid, Doha, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Tehran, Muscat, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nagoya, Osaka, Kiev and Karaganda.

In addition, there is a huge potential for tourist flows from Russian cities: Orenburg, Volgograd, Khabarovsk, Kemerovo, Nizhnevartovsk, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod, Surgut, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Omsk and Barnaul.

Due to the fact that many regional airports of Uzbekistan have been involved in international air travel in recent years, it is necessary to significantly increase the number of international flights from the Uzbekistan’s cities: from the airports of Andijan, Fergana, Samarkand, Bukhara, Karshi, Termez, Urgench, Navoi and Nukus.

Expanding the geography of air flights by the national air carrier and attracting foreign budget airlines, ensuring the availability of air tickets, reducing the cost of ground handling, will ensure the speedy restoration of the tourism sector in Uzbekistan and the growth of tourists to 6.7 million is reported on the website of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage.




























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