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A journey into the world of national vineyards and wineries


Uzbek national wines are popular in the region and have a unique taste and quality. This drink is made in Uzbekistan from natural products and ingredients.Wine is an alcoholic drink made from fermented fruit juice, the yeast of which is formed as a result of the conversion of fructose into alcohol. Wine is often made from grapes, and in some cases - from apples, pomegranates or other fruits.

In the east, the wine is known as "musallar". It is established that wine production is established in 45 countries of the world, and our country is one of the leaders in the region in quality.Traveling around Uzbekistan, you can learn about the process of making these drinks, about the vineyards where they are produced, and, of course, you can organize special trips to these farms with friends and relatives to taste the wine.

Chateau Hamkor is a viticultural farm located in the village of Namdanak in the Parkent district of Tashkent region, is one of the largest exporters of wine produced in its vineyards. Complex grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi and Soyaki are grown here. Chateau Hamkor is also known for its wine cellars, where aged varieties of selected wines are stored in special oak barrels and perennial bottles.

Uzumfermer is a viticultural farm located in the village of Kattasuv, Kibrai district, Tashkent region. More than 100 grape varieties are grown here on 21 hectares of vineyards. Of these, 20 types of grapes are in a private collection. The territory of the farm includes a small hotel with 10 rooms, a pond for fishing, a training and sports ground and, of course, the vineyard itself.

Ferghana France - located in the city of Ferghana, the farm produces high-quality white and red dry wines, vintage and dessert wines, cognac and vodka, as well as other wine products. Different grape varieties are grown on 520 hectares. At the entrance to the company there is a cozy restaurant where tourists can relax, taste a variety of European and national dishes, confectionery, as well as various wine drinks. It can be visited both by a tourist group and independently. During the tour, you can listen to stories about the history of winemaking, walk through the cellars of wine storages, observe the process of bottling wines, and most importantly, professionally taste the wines produced by the company.
Bogizaghan is a viticultural farm located in the Samarkand region, engaged in winemaking for more than a century. For five generations, vineyards have been cultivated here, and wine is produced using ancient technologies. Despite the time, the attitude and caution towards each vine has not changed. Each grape variety requires an individual approach, from planting to harvesting, in compliance with the traditional style.

Today there are several wineries in the region, including the Bogizaghan winery with an area of 300 hectares, which has been successfully operating since 1994. More than 20 types of wine products are created here using modern technologies.

There are guided tours for every tourist, where you can watch the process of making wine, harvesting and, of course, taste this famous drink!

In the lap of nature, in the fresh air, among the vineyards, you can relax with your beloved friends and capture memorable moments of history.

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