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Mutton is the basis of Uzbek cooking


In the process of human activity, the metabolism is constantly taking place in the body. It is associated with the construction of new cells and the replacement of old ones. A connection has been established between vitamins and the processes of assimilation of nutrients, as well as the performance of their functions by the most important human organs. In other words, vitamins take an active part in the regulation of the most important functions of the body.

Vitamins of group B (B1, B2 and B6) contribute to the conversion of proteins into carbohydrates in the body, and carbohydrates into fats, have a beneficial effect on the secretory function of the stomach and circulatory organs. There are especially a lot of such vitamins in buckwheat, peas, coarse bread, and liver and, of course, in lamb meat.Sheep meat is very tasty and healthy, and its chicken gives a lot of fat. The color of lamb is dark red, its fibers are thin and cook quickly. Mutton fat contains a large amount of marginal fatty acids with a higher melting point. Therefore, vegetables and meat are often fried on chicken fat, adding salt and a peeled onion. This helps to improve the taste and aroma, increase digestibility. Mutton is used to prepare both every day and festive dishes. For example, there are varieties of soups from the first courses: Kovurma shurva – fried soup, Kalla shurva – broth of lamb's head and legs, Kainatma shurva – meat broth with vegetables, Ok shurva – meat broth with onions, Mastava - rice soup.

From the second courses: Cauldron-kabob – stewed meat with potatoes and onions in a cauldron, Dumba-zhigar kabob – shish kebab from liver and fat, Charvi kabob – shish kebab wrapped in a greasy film, Chuchvara – dumplings, Kartdumba manty – manty with the addition of fat. Mutton meat and dumba are also added to samsa, cold snacks and all possible variations of pilaf.A well-cooked lamb broth or pilaf will help to quickly saturate the body and give it additional energy. After a hearty lunch, it is customary to drink hot green tea with lemon, which is ideal for easy assimilation of heavy food.

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