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Relocation to Uzbekistan

03.06.2022 1763

Today Uzbekistan has a huge potential and has all the reserves for further economic development. The market in the country is developing rapidly. According to the latest published international business rating “Doing Business”, Uzbekistan took 69th place out of 190 countries, ahead of Luxembourg and Indonesia.

Back in 2017, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted the necessity bringing the Uzbek market into the top twenty leading economies in the world by 2025. Today, the country is in the top 10 states in terms of benefits provided to enterprises that attract foreign direct investment. In this regard, more and more foreigners choose Uzbekistan as a permanent place of residence.

So why Uzbekistan?

There was economic achievements in the market of Uzbekistan. Thanks to the introduced benefits and preferences in the country, you can live comfortably and build a career. There is an abundance of various vacancies on the labor market, from IT to everyday services.

The country rents housing at affordable prices, there are hotels and hostels in various price ranges. Modern office space and co-working centers are also offered for rent. There are no problems with everyday life, cultural and social life, the availability of familiar amenities and everyday things in the country. In Uzbekistan, expats can use medical and educational services.

It is important to take into account that all types of marketing work in Uzbekistan, a more mature marketing based on research and analytics has already been formed. Despite the dense population, there is still no fierce competition in the country, but there is already a formed audience ready for consumption.

“I like living in a full of sun Uzbekistan. There are very tasty fruits and vegetables, dairy products such as milk and kaymak. The local cuisine is amazing and unique. Pilaf, samsa, kebabs are gastronomic wonders. And, of course, the historical architecture, natural monuments and hospitality of the Uzbek people conquer the heart. Living in this country is easy and interesting,” - JICA expert - tourism development advisor - Yumi Mizumori.

The economic center of Uzbekistan is the city of Tashkent. The largest city in Central Asia by population, the most important political, economic, cultural, IT and scientific center of the country, as well as a railway, aviation and automobile hub. Representative offices of various international companies are located in the city; there are branches of the world's leading brands and franchises.

Other major centers of the country are the tourist cities of Samarkand and Bukhara. Infrastructure is also rapidly developing in these cities, shopping centers and business offices are opening, large-scale business centers are being built. Many expats settle down by choosing tourist centers, because life there is also in full swing, as in the capital.

Conditions for expats

In the markets and shops, you can always find fresh products, fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. Utilities are much cheaper compared to European tariffs.

In Uzbekistan, the transmission capacity of the Internet has increased significantly; all conditions have been created for working with foreign capital. For example, from April 1, 2022, a special IT visa is issued for a period of three years for investors, founders of IT companies and specialists in the field of information technology (

There is a demand on the labor market for specialists in innovative and high-tech business, medical workers, chemical technologists, teachers, scientists, marketers, sales agents, and industrialists.

Foreigners can easily find a job through online platforms:,,, There are also channels and groups in the telegram about relocation in Uzbekistan. In addition, foreign citizens open their own business in the country, and there is a demand for high quality products on the market. Such entrepreneurs are provided with tax incentives. In addition, a business can be opened with local partners, everything is processed quickly enough and without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Many local companies invite foreign specialists, offering various benefits, such as reduced income, social and corporate taxes, no customs duties when importing equipment.

“Most tourists will probably be surprised that Tashkent meets all the requirements of a modern city. I would like to list what I most associate with Uzbekistan. People are friendly and responsive. You can quickly develop a relationship with them.

Among the many countries I have visited or worked in, Uzbekistan is at the top of the list when it comes to security. As a woman, you can move around the city at any time, even at night it is safe here,” Frank Ludwig, tourism consultant on behalf of the German GIZ at the Association of Private Tourist Organizations.

Language and mentality

The official language of Uzbekistan is Uzbek. Russian is used for international communication. Uzbekistan is a multi-ethnic country, where many architectural monuments belonging to different religions are preserved. The main religion in the country is Islam, but Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. are also prevalent.

A distinctive feature of the mentality of the people of Uzbekistan is hospitality. During World War II, for example, hundreds of orphans were evacuated here and taken in by Uzbek families. One of the families that sheltered the 15 evacuated children was that of the blacksmith Shamakhmudov.

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