Russian TV channel REN TV is filming a television broadcasting about a trip to Uzbekistan

12.05.2022 431

The filming of the program "Incredibly interesting stories" of the Russian TV channel REN TV is taking place in Uzbekistan.

The film crew of a popular TV show about travelling and traditions of people that arrived in the capital of Uzbekistan on May 8.

Filming takes place with the direct support of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan.

The purpose of the famous program is to invite viewers to a virtual journey along colorful exotic routes, to introduce unusual traditions and local residents. The journalists have already filmed the material in Tashkent. They visited popular recreation places in the capital, parks such as Tashkent city, bazaars and museums.

Filming continued in Samarkand, the tourist village of Kunigil in Bukhara and its surroundings. Currently, filming is taking place in Nukus. Representatives of the Ministry accompany Russian journalists on a trip along traditional tourist routes to the regions of the country, revealing to them the beauty of world-famous architectural monuments, museums and historical attractions.

Comfortable high-speed trains «Afrosiab» and planes «Uzbek Airlines» carry out the movement of the group between the regions.

The filming of the program "Incredibly Interesting Stories" will be a new impetus in the development of the tourist process in Uzbekistan which will attract new tourists from the CIS countries – viewers of the REN TV channel.



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