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The Garden city of Kuva


The Ferghana Valley has given the world many amazing places with magnificent monuments, craft centers and outstanding personalities. For example, the city of Kuva – one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, once located at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road, was a center of education and cultural exchange.
Dawn in the Ferghana Valley

The current location of Kuva is the eastern part of the Ferghana region, bordering the Kyrgyz Republic. According to archaeologists, the city originated in the 3rd millennium BC. Major excavations were carried out here, during which the ancient settlement of Kubo was discovered with numerous monuments, residential quarters and valuable finds.

Also, a Buddhist temple was opened on the territory of the settlement, and Buddhist figurines and statues of the Buddha were found. The size of one such statue was about three meters. The Buddhist temple was located on a small hill and was separated from the rest of the ancient city blocks by a special wall. Near the destroyed temple, Kuva burials dating from the X-XI centuries were discovered. The found treasure with bronze coins, which were very unusual and uncharacteristic forms of that time, belongs to the same period.

Before the Mongol invasion, Kuva was a center of enlightenment, where science, literature and poetry developed. It is believed that it was here that the brilliant scientist of the IX century al-Ferghani (Latinized name Alfraganus) was born. He managed to scientifically prove that the shape of the earth is a ball. He mathematically proved the existence of the shortest and longest day of the year. Predicted solar eclipses and changes on the surface of the Sun. His works on astronomy, mathematics and geography became the property of the entire scientific community. In the center of the city, a majestic memorial complex is erected in honor of al-Ferghani.
Park in the city of KuvaKuva has developed into a city of gardens with cotton and textile production. When going on a trip to Kuva, be sure to try the juicy Kuva fruits: the famous pomegranates, peaches, cherries, persimmons, apples.

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