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The ruins of Aktepa


Who would have thought that in the center of Tashkent, in the Yunusabad district, there is an ancient monument of archeology - the ruins of the ancient settlement of Aktepa.

I remember very well the time when I found out about this place. We used to come here as teenagers. We enjoyed exploring and exploring this place. Such a small hill seemed unusual and wildly attractive to us. We loved to climb to the highest point. We imagined that we were in the mountains and saw off the sunsets.

Naturally, at that time we had no idea that we were not standing on a simple hill, but on the site of a unique fortified manor, a large palace. The dates of construction of this structure are called V-VIII centuries AD.

There were no fences and signs there then. Absolutely everyone could go there. I learned that this place is a historical monument in a history lesson. The teacher said that several generations of Turkic governors lived in this palace, who were subordinate to the rulers of the state of Chach.

Since then, driving past this monument, I pay attention to its condition every time. Over the past few years, it has been fenced off, and an information table has been hung near the entrance. And more recently, near the monument, everything was excavated and buildings were built. But I found out from the press that the Yunusabad Aktepa is completely intact.

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