The Uzbek mahalla is presented at the International Art Exhibition in Dubai

10.03.2022 376

The 15th International Exhibition of Contemporary Art Dubai 2022 has started its work in Dubai, within the framework of which Alserkal Art Week is being held during art week.

During the Alserkal Art Week, the Mahalla Unframed exhibition opened in Dubai.

The Mahalla Unframed project is organized by the Foundation for the Development of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan.

This is a unique digital project that takes visitors to the virtual world of a traditional house in the neighborhood in Tashkent.

To do this, the organizers created a digital copy of the house in full size, where guests can stroll through the virtual traditional Uzbek courtyard.

The Exhibition of Mahalla Unframed is dedicated to the architectural features of historical neighborhoods and understanding of their cultural significance with the help of the latest technology of three-dimensional scanning.

The exhibition is open from March, 8 and will continue its work until March, 13 in Pavilion 46, Alserkal Avenue.



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