Tim Abdullah Khan Trading Dome


Trade has long been the most common business in the East. Heavy caravans passed along the Great Silk Road, selling, exchanging and buying goods. And one of the trade centers on the caravan route was Bukhara.The city is famous not only for the masterpieces of architectural art, but also for its craftsmen, bazaars and shops. One of these bazaars is Tim Abdullah Khan, built in the XVI century in the historical center of Bukhara.

The market is also known as a Trading dome, built during the time of the Bukhara ruler Iskander Khan, but named after his son Abdullah Khan. The word Tim itself means a closed room for public use, from where the market takes its name.

The main difference between the Shopping Dome and other bazaars is that it is completely closed and has a gate on the west side. The bazaar is built in the Persian style, which is why it resembles the traditional market of ancient Iranian cities.

It is attractive because it is cool here in any weather, and the sun's rays reach the benches only through the holes in the dome.

Here you can buy famous Bukhara carpets, various handicrafts, paintings, musical instruments and much more.

Tim Abdullah Khan, like many other sights of Bukhara, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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