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TOP-5 destinations for family recreation

07.04.2023 843

In the spring bloom, you just want to go somewhere to nature to enjoy the beautiful views and bright and colorful landscapes of spring Uzbekistan.

We offer you a selection of places where you can go on weekends not only in Tashkent, but also in the suburban areas of our beautiful land.

Kumushkan, Tashkent region

Kumushkan is a local health resort and a popular holiday destination for many tourists. Clean mountain air, crystal lakes and rivers are not all that the region can boast of.

The distance from Tashkent - 50 km

What to see – recreation area and sanatorium "Kumushkan".

2.Parkent, Tashkent region

With the onset of spring, the mountains of the Tashkent region turn into a real green fairy-tale paradise. Among the popular places among Tashkent residents are the Parkent district, the Sukok Mounts. Thousands of people come here to enjoy the taste of the famous Sukok gastronomic brands Kok Somsa and Mador Somsa, as well as Sukok juicy kebabs.

The distance from Tashkent is 50-55 km

What to see – the tourist village of Kumushkan, Sukok Mountains, the vineyards of Chateau Hamkor, the Institute of Physics and the Sun, the Chashma mountain spring, the sacred Khazrati Ali Buva complex.

3.Konigil village, Samarkand region

Just 13 km from Samarkand there is one special place – the tourist village of Konigil. The place is famous for its unique traditions of handicrafts, the purest nature, shady trees, and the Siab River flowing nearby. But, perhaps, the main attraction of this corner is the Meros factory, where a unique silk paper production is carried out.

The distance from Tashkent is 298.5 km along the highway E-123/E-40 and M-39

What to see: Meros paper mill, watermill, muskrats in the Siab river.

4.Sentob village, Navoi region

There is a small village Sentob located between the Nurata Mountains and the Kyzylkum desert in the Navoi region. Due to the remoteness from the city, the village has retained its authenticity and the traditional look of the Central Asian village, which has recently received the status of a tourist village.

The distance from Tashkent is 319.6 km along the highway E-123/E-40 and R-36

What to see: petroglyphs in the Sarmyshsay gorge, Aydarkul Lake

5.Shakhimardan, Ferghana region

One of the stunning and most beautiful places on the eastern border of the country, between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, a unique mountain exclave located 55 km away from Ferghana. Shakhimardan is surrounded by Kyrgyz territory and is located at an altitude of 1550 meters above sea level.

The distance from Ferghana is 55 km . From Tashkent to Ferghana – 315 km

What to see: Blue Lake Kurbankul, Khazrat Ali complex.

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