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Uzbekistan is among the winners of the International photo and video contest

02.06.2022 1177

The winners of the V International Tourist Festival-Competition of Video, Photo and Animation "Диво Евразии" have been announced. Uzbekistan this year received recognition at a prestigious competition.

On May 25-27 2022, Vladivostok hosted the V International Tourist Festival-Competition of Video, Photo and Animation ""Диво Евразии-2021". At the same time, the Pacific Tourism Forum was held here, where about 1875 projects from 8 countries of the world took part, including videos prepared by the National PR-center of Uzbekistan.

"Диво Евразии" is not just a tourist competition, it is an international festival, where participants come not only for high marks from experts, prestigious awards, but also for the opportunity to show the tourism potential of their country to the whole world.

According to the results of the competition of the V International Tourism Festival of Video, Photo and Animation "Диво Евразии", the winners were announced in several categories, including our winning projects in 4 categories:

Format - Horizontal video, aspect ratio 16:9

Category - Videos (up to 4 min.)

I.Tourist destinations

1. Nomination - Countries:

Safe Travel, Republic of Uzbekistan - 1st place

Travel time in Russia, Russia - 2nd place

Culture and Tourism Week, China - 3rd place

Belarus is a country of amazing discoveries - 3rd place

2. Nomination - Cities:

Hospitable Samarkand, Republic of Uzbekistan - 1st place

Penza is the city where you want to stay! Penza region - 2nd place

Zelenogradsk resort city, Kaliningrad region - 2nd place

Meet in Tolyatti, Samara region - 3rd place

II. Tourism products

1. Nomination - Cultural and educational tourism:

Historical objects of Sakhalin, Sakhalin region - 1 place

Civilization of the East, Republic of Uzbekistan - 2nd place

State road, Novgorod region - 2nd place

Kolomna tram of desires, Moscow region - 3rd place

2. Nomination - Ethnic tourism (including legends and myths):

Uzbekistan’s History Brand, Republic of Uzbekistan - 1st place

Belarus is a country of ancient traditions, the Republic of Belarus - 2nd place

Yoko Ono. Legend of the Tver region, Tver region - 3rd place

Mysterious Sazanya, Penza region -3rd place

Detailed results in all categories and nominations, including those that were published earlier, see the project website

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