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Uzbekistan participates with the National Pavilion at the 75th Anniversary Cannes Film Festival 2022

21.05.2022 1174

The pavilion is organized by the National Film Commission of Uzbekistan within the framework of the International Cannes Film Festival for the third time.  This became possible with the assistance of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Agency for Youth Affairs and the Embassy of Uzbekistan in France.

The pavilion is open from May 18 to May 22 in the center of the Marché Du Film film market next to the national pavilions of world leaders in film production, in particular, the United States.  The main goal of the National Pavilion is to draw the attention of world directors and producers to the media products of Uzbekistan, to tell the world film industry about the high historical and cultural potential that Uzbekistan has.

Thanks to the unique monuments of the country, ancient cities, historical sites, memorial complexes and architectural squares, our country can offer a unique platform for filming and promoting film production, which, in turn, will attract a lot of attention to Uzbekistan from foreign tourists.

During the fair, special attention was paid to the problems of the Aral Sea region and the coverage of environmental issues in the global information space with the help of the new Aral Dream project. As you know, each country strives to offer cultural and film industry figures its own advantages and special conditions for filming.  This year, Uzbekistan will take part of the expenses of TV channels and film companies that wish to shoot in our country.  The community of professionals from the very first days of the pavilion showed interest in this and negotiations began on joint cooperation.  At the same time, agreements have already been reached with media companies and directors, in particular, the Canadian-Iranian director Mustafa Keshvari plans to make a film about Omar Khayyam in Uzbekistan.

Agreements were also reached with Dirk Vanderijken, one of the leaders of the European Association of Journalists, on the joint implementation of projects.  The Association expressed great interest in visiting Uzbekistan, and issues were discussed about organizing press tours to Uzbekistan for journalists from leading European countries to get acquainted with the ongoing reforms and increase the country's tourism potential.

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