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Uzbekistan Travel magazine - a new landmark in the world of tourism

21.11.2020 983

November 20, 2020, the first issue of “Uzbekistan Travel” magazine was presented at the Hilton Tashkent City hotel. The event was organized by the National PR-center,SUE, under the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourism development, with the sponsorship of the Meros Public Charity Fund.

The event was attended by the leadership of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourism development, representatives of ministries and departments, foreign diplomatic corps, domestic and foreign media, as well as well-known bloggers and influencers.

"Uzbekistan Travel" international travel magazine is a completely new look at the unique tourist opportunities of our country - new routes and destinations, modern and ethnic accommodation facilities, a variety of options for a full and safe travel in Uzbekistan.

The event was opened by Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourism development Aziz Abdukhakimov.

“Uzbekistan Travel” is a well-recognized tourist brand of Uzbekistan throughout the country and abroad, which has been creating a positive image of our country for many years. The brand of Uzbekistan was first developed in 2013. Since then, under this brand unique projects have been implemented, an official tourist portal, social services have been created, and many festivals and business events have been held. For many years, under the “Uzbekistan Travel” brand, our country performs with a single stand at major international exhibitions and events abroad. And today, we present to your attention a completely new project- “Uzbekistan Travel” glossy magazine.

The unique publication was developed by the team of the National PR center, SUEunder the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourism development.

The sponsor and partner of the first issue of “Uzbekistan Travel” magazinebecome the Meros Public Charity Foundation.

As representatives of the Meros Foundation noted at the event, this year, the tourism business stay in a difficult situation. In this situation, it is very important to support such projects aimed at developing the tourism brand of our country.

Due to the current epidemiological situation and the impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry around the world, the issue of developing of safe tourism is now acute. That is why the first edition of “Uzbekistan Travel”was dedicated to this topic.

In order to promote safe tourism in our country in the context of the pandemic, the Government of Uzbekistan launched “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTED”. Project. This project provides for a whole range of measures to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological safety of tourists based on world standards. The concept of the safe tourism project in Uzbekistan was also presented at the event and highlighted on the magazine pages.

Also, in order to attract tourists and inform the world community about the possibilities of safe tourism in Uzbekistan, a special video was shown at the event, revealing the possibilities of this project.

On the pages of the “Uzbekistan Travel” magazine, you can also get acquainted with the current rules of travel in Uzbekistan, get information about unique tourist and cultural routes, make a small gastronomic tour of the country and learn a lot of useful information. Informative content of the magazine will allow you not only to get aesthetic pleasure, but also to look at Uzbekistan in a new way.

Another feature of “Uzbekistan Travel” magazine is augmented reality technologies. Using a special QR code on the pages of the magazine, readers can view unique video content about the tourist beauty places of Uzbekistan, enjoy a master class on cooking ancient Uzbek dishes, and take an online trip to unique tourist attractions.

In order to develop domestic tourism and educate children and youth of Uzbekistan the culture of travel, the event also presented a social project launched by the State Committee for tourism development and National PR center, with the sponsorship of the Public Charity Fund "Meros" - a kid's tourist map of Uzbekistan with the main attractions of our country and a new section on the tourist portal "" designed for young travelers.

At the end of the presentation, the guests were able to take a unique virtual tour of the sights of Uzbekistan, enjoy the delights of Uzbek national cuisine and plunge into the atmosphere of true Uzbek hospitality.

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