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Week of Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan is opened in Tashkent

16.12.2020 328

The solemn opening of Uzbekistan Week of Cultural Heritage started in Tashkent and the 4th International Congress “Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan as the Foundation of a New Renaissance” was held on December 15, 2020.Неделя культурного наследия в Узбекистане

Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development Aziz Abdukhakimov delivered a welcoming speech at the opening of the event:

"The Week of Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan, as well as the IV International Congress, which this year is held under the title: "Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan as the Foundation of a New Renaissance", will last until December 18. This will be an important event in the development and study of the cultural heritage of our country. The idea of a “new Renaissance”, voiced by our esteemed President, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, has become a good support for the implementation of joint ideas in this global process.

In this sense, we deeply understand the responsibility for preserving the history of our country, protecting the history of humanity and passing it on to the next generation.

Tourism, which has become an important sector of the economy of Uzbekistan, especially international tourism, directly depends on how much we preserve its cultural heritage in its original form." - Aziz Abdukhakimov said.

Выступление Заместителя Премьер-министра Узбекистана Азиза Абдухакимова на Неделе культурного наследия-2020

UNESCO's Deputy Director-General for Culture Ernesto Ottone, also delivered a welcoming speech at the opening of the event.

In his speech, Mr. Ottone stressed that Uzbekistan has five UNESCO World Heritage Sites and six elements included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

"The cultural wealth of Uzbekistan can become an important basis for building the country's future. Culture gives a sense of identity and makes a community more resilient, and cities more innovative. At the same time, cultural heritage and creativity play a crucial role in reducing poverty by creating jobs and improving the well - being of the population," said Ernesto Ottone.

He added that he highly appreciates the efforts of Uzbekistan, which places culture at the center of its development strategy, which is fully consistent with UNESCO's mission in the field of culture.

The Congress, which is a key event of the Cultural Heritage Week, is attended by representatives of official and international organizations, more than 300 well-known foreign scientists from more than 40 countries, as well as about 1,000 domestic experts in the field of history, ethnography and art.

Неделя культурного наследия-2020

During the International Congress, the organizers plan to approve the "road map" of the work of the World Scientific Society for Study, Preservation and Popularization of Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan, which will be developed and implemented until 2025. In addition, the museums and libraries of our country will host a ceremony of awarding special certificates for books and albums of the project "Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan in the world collections" and facsimiles of ancient and unique manuscripts.

Древние рукописи Узбекистана

A busy Week of Cultural Legacy prepares many surprises for its visitors. Thus, on December 17, a creative event entitled "Cinematography of Uzbekistan: past, present, future" will be held within the framework of the Week. The creative event dedicated to the domestic film industry will be divided into 3 sections, where meetings will be organized with Uzbek and foreign filmmakers: producer and screenwriter Janik Fayziyev, TV presenter and director Valdis Pelsh, actor and director Farkhod Makhmudov, producer Alexander Kessel, director Ali Khamraev, screenwriter, professor Odelsha Ogishev and director Elyor Ishmukhammedov.

On the same day, the premiere of the feature film "Two Thousand Songs of Farida" directed by Yolkin Tuychiev, shot by order of "Uzbekkino", presented for the film award "Oscar-2020" by the National Film Academy of Uzbekistan, will take place.

For reference: the film of the Uzbek director Yolkin Tuychiev "Two Thousand Songs of Farida" in November of this year received the Grand Prix of the International Film Festival of the Commonwealth countries "Moscow Premiere".

The picture on the example of one family tells about the political events in Turkestan at the beginning of the last century. According to the plot of the film, Camille, who lives with three wives away from people, marries for the fourth time. Conflicts related to the arrival of a new woman in the family, and the political situation in this region lead to the fact that the family is destroyed.

Also among the pleasant moments during the Week of Cultural Heritage are the fashion show "National Сlothes as the Pearl of a New Renaissance" of young domestic designers, the best of which will receive special prizes of the Week of Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan, the presentation of 35 editions of the album from the series "Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan in world collections", where facsimiles of priceless manuscripts and exhibits collected from the collections of world museums and galleries will be presented. The editions contain a diverse palette of works of art from different eras and are held in collections around the world, including the Czech Republic, India, USA, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, Japan and personal collections. among them, several volumes are devoted to rare works stored in the museums of the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, the Institute of Oriental studies after Al Beruny of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.



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