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Cafe-karaoke “Narmin” is one of the most comfortable, brave and incendiary institutions of the city of Karshi. The menu combines the best traditions of European and national cuisine. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of dishes and the democratic prices of the menu.

Cafe-karaoke “Narmin” is not just relaxation with special comfort, it is the realization of your talent, the best place for self-expression. We open the doors to all those who have good taste, exquisite musical tastes, value their time, luxury, brightness, beauty, respect themselves and love to sing truly and freely, in perfectly created conditions for playing their favorite songs.

Cuisine: European, national

Opening hours from 9.00 to 23.00

Address: Karshi, ul. Uzbekistan-221

Telephone: (0375) 221-7587, +99898 776-8886, 775-3130

Landmark – Sanam Garment Factory