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Our mini-hotel is ideal for participants and visitors. Our hotel is located in a small two-story house. You can enjoy tea and admire the view of the ancient city. The hotel is located in the centre of the old town. Only 2 minutes’ walk and you are already on one of the oldest squares in the world, the Registan, which is associated with many legends and poetic tales. 5 minutes and a wonderful view of the cathedral mosque Bibi Khanum opens in front of you. 10 minutes, and your eyes will discover the ensemble Shokhi Zinda, formation of which lasted the whole 11th century. Also not far from the hotel there are such monuments as the Gur Emir, Ruhobad mausoleum. Location: Suzangaranskaya street 11, Landmark supermarket Registan  Tel: 99 866 235-35-33]]>