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Tourism for all

In this category you will discover Uzbekistan in a new way! Sports, ethno, history, gastronomy or medicine - here everyone can find a type of tourism for every taste!

Tourism types

There are an infinite number of ways to have fun and interesting time in the world: go on a trip or adventure, explore something, touch sacred places, see unique places untouched by civilization, improve health, have an active rest, experience extreme sports or just spend time in nature with family or friends, and all this is connected with tourism and the tourism industry in general. There are all three main types of tourism in Uzbekistan: inbound, outbound and domestic.

Inbound and domestic tourism includes both basic and specific tourism products: excursions to tourist attractions; accommodation in hotels, recreation areas, resorts, sanatoriums, tourist villages, yurt camps, camping; tasting of national dishes and wines; participation in festivals and celebrations; comfortable travel around the country.

All types of travel and recreation in Uzbekistan can be divided by types into sports, ethnic, youth, ecological, gastronomic, medical, cultural, event, pilgrimage, literary, winter, cycling and other types of tourism, also the seasonality should be taken into account when choosing the direction.

Tourists arriving in Uzbekistan travel either alone, or with friends or family, or as part of a group tour with a guide, which will take travelers along a pre-planned route to interesting and exciting places, in accordance with their goals and planned travel budget.

In the country, a huge number of tour companies ( provide a wide range of tourist services from small one-day narrow-purpose tours to multi-day complex tour routes, including visits to the most significant and famous attractions throughout the country, by ordering which tourists can have a good rest, restore mental and physical strength, improve health, explore local culture of Central Asia and Uzbekistan, take part in festive, entertainment or sports programs and events, visit exhibitions and fairs, shop for everyday and household items, as well as unique products and souvenirs.