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Amazing monuments, architectural and natural attractions that have become the hallmark of each region are scattered throughout Uzbekistan. On our website, you can get to know each region closer and discover Uzbekistan in a new way.

The Republic of Uzbekistan is divided into 14 territorial and administrative divisions-regions. Each region has its own administrative center. Regions of our country as a separate book. All Uzbeks wear skullcaps, but this headdress is decorated differently in each region. All Uzbeks love pilaf, but in every corner of our country they prepare it by their own unique recipe. All Uzbeks like to drink tea from beautiful dishes, but the tea ceremony and the ornament on the dishes will differ from each other.

Every region of our country is a unique area, famous for its natural attractions, architectural and historical monuments. National traditions, cooking, customs, local folklore, dialects of the Uzbek language of each region differ from each other and have their own feature.