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Beach tourism on the territory of Aydar-Arnasay lakes

04.08.2021 2080

In accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 14, 2021 No. 368 "On measures for the development of water recreation and beach tourism in the Republic of Uzbekistan", beach recreational zones will be created on the territory of the Jizzakh and Navoi regions, on the territory of the Aydar-Arnasay lake system.

In order to implement the state program around the Aydarkul basin, a "tourist map" of existing and newly created resorts around the Aydarkul basin will be developed.

For the convenience of tourists, it is planned to lay a railway and a regular bus service on the Tashkent – Arnasay route to the territory of the lake.

At the beginning, construction works are planned on the territory of recreational zones and 271 km of roads leading to it. An information center and modern parking will be organized at the entrance to the territory of the recreational lakes. Also, in order to ensure the safety of visitors on the territory of recreational lakes, the work of a rescue team will be organized.

The Concept of tourism development on the territory of recreational lakes for 2021-2025 was approved, according to which the following results will be achieved in three stages over a 5-year period.

At the first stage, 6 accommodation facilities with a total capacity of 204 seats will be created on the territory, as well as ecotourism, hunting and water recreation facilities;

At the second stage, new tourist zones, accommodation facilities, medical institutions, sports facilities will be built on the territory of 33,000 hectares around Aydarkul;

At the third stage, accommodation facilities for 300 seats and playgrounds for sporting events will be created, parking for 1,200 seats and a shopping area will be built.

The document defines “E-IJRO АUKSION” that the land plots acquired by business entities on the territory of the recreational zone will be carried out through an electronic system

The transfer of land plots on the territory of recreational lakes to entrepreneurs, the implementation of construction and installation projects on them must be coordinated with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

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